Friday, 13 December 2019

Sports Fun Day

Sports Fun Day

We Are Learning To / Learning Intention (WALT / LI):Participate in physical activitiesEnjoy a range of sports activitiesWhat I’m Looking For / Success Criteria (WILF / SC):I take part in the Rowandale Sports DayI do all / most / some sports activitiesI display good sportsmanship and the Rowandale PRIDE values

We had an amazing day with our buddy class. Our first activity was Zumba in the hall with Mrs Kasi Sagote. We had a blast.

Our next activity was large balls. We had to throw and pass a netball, dodgeball and over and under activities. We were all so competitive. It was cool encouraging our juniors.

Our third activity was cricket (underarm bowling), bowl, hit and run.

After morning tea we did a water activity, we had to fill water in the bucket by working together as a team.

The day ended with a teacher verse teacher touch game. Spot prizes were given to teachers and students for participation and for the best dressed sports champion.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Week 8 Happenings

Week 8 Happenings

Having fun with paint.

We did some origami and learnt how to make gift boxes out of paper.

Well done to our Tryathlon participants.

Chilling out in the pool.

Having fun in the music room.

Thank you for our cool glasses, Essilor.

More origami.

We learnt how to make pop up cards.

Shooting some hoops.

More painting and experimenting with mixing colours.